For the sixth straight year we’re helping Kayem, the maker of the famed Boston Red Sox “Fenway Frank” and New England Patriots “Sack Attack” sausage, reach multiple segments of their wholesale audience and reward them for their purchases. The goals of the promotion are two-fold:

  1. To increase retailer awareness of the variety of Kayem products
  2. To increase the SKUs offered at food service locations

To accomplish these goals, Kayem will distribute rebate instructions along with eligible SKUs to participating accounts. Each account can earn significant rebates on case purchases. The more SKUs they buy, the more they earn per case – it’s that simple. Kayem chose cash rebates as their promotion tool because they’re simple to communicate, straightforward to execute, and widely accepted in their industry.

Want to drive sales to your business or consumer clients with a rebate? We can manage the entire program for you, so you can focus on what you do well; after all, you’ve already got enough to do, don’t you?

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