Sometimes all you need to do to change your customers’ behavior is to offer a motivating incentive.

Tempur-Pedic desired to improve both the quantity and quality of the product reviews on their website. Promosis designed and implemented an affordable sweepstakes test to drive product reviews.

The offer was emailed to recent customers and presented to new purchasers. It delivered immediate, outstanding results. After just twelve weeks Tempur-Pedic achieved:

  • An 11-fold increase in weekly reviews
  • An 80% increase in weight of 5-star product ratings
  • A 400% decrease in weight of 1-star product ratings

Do you want to engage more of your customers in your ratings and reviews? Do you want to highlight your product details and brand story? We can develop a targeted promotion to engage your customers and prospects. Give us a call or message us and we’ll get started.

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