Bose Corporation and Sports Illustrated recently collaborated on a Super Bowl XLVIII-themed sweepstakes to celebrate their respective connection to America’s “unofficial holiday.”

The promotion Grand Prize included a trip for two to Manhattan, transportation, and tickets to the Big Game. The prize also included a meet and greet with Peter King, the founder of “Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQB)” - the world’s most widely read NFL blog.

The Monday following the Super Bowl, Peter’s notes included the following:

“Cool event Sunday: breakfast with Roy and Cathy Gruss, of Missoula, Mont. They won an all-expenses-paid trip to the Super Bowl from Bose, and part of the trip (Bose is a sponsor of The MMQB) was a meal with me. So we met at 9 a.m., on the East Side of Manhattan, and Roy, wearing his Montana Grizzlies jacket, and Cathy told me their story of the weekend.”

If you’re interested, Peter shares additional details about the Gruss’ exceptional experience.

How many people read MMQB? Well, on January 20, Peter’s column experienced its largest audience with 5.5 million impressions* — over a million of which were viewed on a mobile device.

How dramatically would your business benefit from a massive increase in online and mobile awareness? Perhaps we can help you figure out the answer.

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